The debate on Ultrawide VS Dual monitors is unstoppable. But, Which one is the best?

An Ultrawide monitor? or Dual Monitor setup? Let’s find out in this article.

Here we are going to compare both ultrawide monitor setup and dual monitor setup on the basis of their different parameters such as price, display size, resolution, refresh rate, response rate, etc.

So, continue reading this article if you are going to purchase an ultrawide monitor or dual for your setup.

People who want to extend their work full screen generally prefer to use a dual or triple monitor setup because it is quite cheap. But at the same time, it doesn’t look classy and premium.

But which one is value for money?

Here we are going to compare both of them one by one.

Ultrawide Monitors Vs Dual Monitors | Which is a PC Gaming Monitor

An Ultrawide 21:9 Aspect Ratio Monitor

An ultrawide monitor is a wide monitor with more screen size and display space.

Generally, It comes with a curved screen, and using a curved screen monitor is really a great choice for those who do mostly video tasks or audio tasks or for those people who are quite serious about their gaming experience.

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitors: Which One Is More Efficient?


With the help of a 21:9 aspect ratio widescreen, you can manage the big videos and audios timelines easily and edit them easily without scrolling the timeline too much.

An ultrawide monitor is best for gamers as you will able to cover a large area while playing FPS games and hence if you are purchasing for gaming purposes then it will help you to enhance your gaming experience. It is equally good for watch movies as it has a large screen display.

Also, on the other hand, an ultrawide monitor gives you premium looks on your desk and it looks so classy.

Ultrawide monitors provide a wider display space, allowing you to have multiple windows and applications open side by side. This makes multitasking more efficient and enhances productivity by eliminating the need to constantly switch between windows.

Seamless Workflow

With an ultrawide monitor, you can have a seamless workflow, particularly in tasks that involve data analysis, video editing, graphic design, or coding. The extended screen real estate allows for better organization and easier access to tools, timelines, code editors, and other resources simultaneously.

Immersive Experience

Ultrawide monitors create a more immersive viewing experience, especially when watching movies, playing games, or editing visual content. The wider aspect ratio provides a broader field of view, enveloping you in the action and enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Reduced Bezel Distraction

Compared to a dual monitor setup, ultrawide monitors typically have thinner bezels or even borderless designs. This minimizes distractions caused by bezels between screens, creating a more seamless visual experience.

Simplified Cable Management

Ultrawide monitors require only one power cable and one video cable (such as HDMI or DisplayPort), simplifying cable management compared to dual monitor setups that require multiple cables and connections.

Aesthetics and Space Optimization

With a single ultrawide monitor, you can achieve a clean and clutter-free desk setup. It eliminates the need for an additional monitor stand or extra desk space, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and organized workspace.

Reduced Eye Strain

Ultrawide monitors often have a curved display, which can help reduce eye strain by providing a more natural and immersive viewing experience. The ultrawide curved monitors minimize distortion and allow for more comfortable viewing angles.

Energy Efficiency

Since ultrawide monitors are typically single monitors, they consume less power compared to a dual monitor setup. This can result in lower energy costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

It’s important to consider these benefits and advantages to determine if an ultrawide pc monitor aligns with your specific needs and preferences, as well as the nature of your work or activities.

Dual Monitors Setup

According to the name, a Dual monitor is a setup of two side by side monitor with generally people use to extend their workspace.

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitors

Generally, people buy two monitors of the same specifications so that they will get similar colors and similar resolutions on both screens.

Also, Using dual monitors setup will allow you to extend your screen or at the same time, you can duplicate both screens. Basically, with those two screens, you can do whatever you can think.

Ultrawide Vs. Dual Monitors Comparison

Parameters Ultrawide Monitors Dual Monitors
Price Higher Lower
Display Size Wide screen 4k monitors with more space Two separate screens side by side
Resolution 2560x1080p (Ultrawide) 1080p each (Total 50% more pixels than Ultrawide)
Aspect Ratio 21:9 Combination of two 16:9
Refresh Rate Not mentioned Not mentioned
Response Rate Not mentioned Not mentioned
Space Efficiency Consumes less desk space Consumes more desk space
Look and Style Classy and premium appearance Less classy
Best Usage Gaming, Photo Editing, Video Editor, Audio Editing Ideal for general usage

1. Resolution

Picture quality is one of the necessary things that you should need to consider before purchasing any monitor.

A monitor with good contrast color and better resolution will give you better image quality and you will get a more natural image on it.

Talking about Ultrawide monitors then they generally come with 2560x1080p resolution whereas if you use a dual screen monitor setup of 1080p each, then you will get overall 50% more pixels as compared to ultrawide monitors.

But, at the same time, A curved ultrawide monitor will help you a lot to cover the extra screen with very little neck movement whereas, using a dual monitor isn’t.

2. Aspect Ratio

An ultrawide pc monitor comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio whereas dual monitor setup is the combination of two 16:9 aspect ratio monitors.

Using a curved screen monitor will provide you with immersive viewing angles as compared to a simple straight ultrawide monitor and monitors setup.

3. Space And Look

There is no doubt that looks-wise, An Ultrawide monitor is best due to their size and extra feature like built-in speakers.

It gives you a classy premium look, as well as it, consumes much less space as compared to a dual monitor setup. Whereas dual monitors consume much more desk space.

So, if you have a small desk, then it adjusting dual pc monitors will create an issue for you whereas an ultrawide monitor can be easily adjusted in the same space.

4. Pricing

An ultrawide monitor will cost you much higher as compared to a dual monitor setup.

So if you have a tight budget then you can go with a dual monitor. But if you have a good budget then you can choose anyone according to your requirements.

Our Best Pickup

I have used both types of setup, A dual-screen monitor as well as an ultrawide monitor and after testing those monitors for more than 3 months, I found that if you have some video editing software task or mostly for gaming purpose, then curved ultrawide monitors are much better as compared to dual system set up.

Also, if you want a more work-efficient monitor and for ideal usages, Dual monitors are the best one because it provides much more workspace as compared to an ultrawide monitor.

In short –

  • Ultrawide Monitor – Best for Gaming, Video Editing, Audio Etc.
  • Dual Monitors – For Ideal Usage.


So, this is the complete comparison of Ultrawide Vs dual monitor setup.

I hope this guide will help you to choose the right monitor setup for your usage.

Also, which one is going to purchase you? Lets us know in the comment section. And for monitors-related buying guides and articles, Stay connected with

Happy Shopping 🙂

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