So you are on the lookout for the Best 1440p 144hz Monitor? if so, you came to the right place.

If you are searching for the right gaming monitor that comes with fast refresh rates, pixel density, and has higher resolutions in your budget, then this is the right article for you.

There are lots of cheap 144hz monitors available in the market, some come with good resolutions, and some of them are not.

Playing games on higher resolutions and higher refresh rates requires a powerful pc setup. Which costs a little higher, and lots of people don’t afford it to purchase.

And that’s why the combination of 144hz refresh rates and 1440p resolution is one of the best configurations that peoples can choose. It offers a higher level of resolution and also a smooth gaming experience.

A 1440p resolution display has almost twice the number of pixels as the 1080p resolution monitors have, hence, its viewing experience is outstanding compared to standard full HD 1080p monitors.

We have tested hundreds of 1440p 144hz Monitors and figured out the ten best monitors that fall best under this category. All these monitors suit the best value for money.

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Best 1440p 144hz Monitor

10+ Best 1440p 144hz Monitors Reviews

If you are a professional gamer and want the most critical possible details when play games, then you should choose the 2K panel monitor with 144hz refresh rates or more.

In this buying guide, we will share the complete reviews of 10 of the best 1440p 144hz gaming monitor that you can consider for gaming purposes.

So, if they fall under your budget, then these monitors will worth buying.

Our Best Pickups

Here is a quick summary of this article. Here are the out best pickups under the category of best 14409 144hz monitor’s refresh rate.

Now, Below is the in-depth reviews of all the monitors that you can choose to purchase right now. Below we will discuss all the pros and cons of all the monitors.

No doubt, they all are good monitors with lots of packed features, Now let’s get started.

1. VIOTEK GNV27DB | Best 1440P Resolution Gaming Monitors

VIOTEK GNV27DB Best 1440p 144hz Monitor ReviewsVIOTEK GNV27DB is one of the best 1440p resolution monitors that come with 144hz fast refresh rates, HD image quality, and 27 inches curved 4k display.

Since the VIOTEK GNV27DB monitor comes with 27 inches 1500R curved VA panel display, you can split the screen and use two applications side by side. That makes this monitor more handy and productive.

Playing games on curved screen gaming monitors delivers another level of experience. Apart from this, the VIOTEK GNV27DB monitor comes with a 4.8ms response rate and g sync compatible, and free sync.

So, Irrespective of the processor that you are using, this VIOTEK GNV27DB monitor will work with both AMD and Intel computer chips very well.

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Also, VIOTEK GNV27DB monitors have SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY, and it delivers exceptionally accurate and vibrant colors that look very realistic and natural. The VA panel display has done a pretty well job on this monitor.

However, the VIOTEK GNV27DB monitor comes with Displayport and HDMI ports to ensure faster connectivity with your computer.

Also, it has one 3.5mm jack for audio connections.

This monitor supports 75x75mm VESA mounts so that you can easily hang this monitor on your wall or adjust it according to yourself on the table.

2. ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD | 1440p Gaming PC Monitor

ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD Best 1440p 144hz MonitorViewSonic is one of the well-known brands that build a wide range of computer monitors.

ViewSonic has its VX2758-2KP-MHD model monitor that comes with 27 inches 1440p bezel-less display with freesync technology and eye care technology.

Apart from this, ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD monitor comes with a fast 1ms response rate that ensures that you will speedily respond while playing the FPP games.

With IPS panels technology, ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD monitor is capable of delivering accurate contrast and color images at all points.

Also, it has AMD-free sync technology to cut down the dead frames and screen ghosting issues while playing high graphics games.

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It comes with pre-installed speakers that you can use while watching your media or while playing games. But they are useless as they produce very low-quality sound.

And for better connections, ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD monitor supports an HDMI port and a Display port for the connections.

3. Acer ED323QUR Abidpx | 1440P IPS Panel Technology Monitor

Acer ED323QUR Abidpx Monitor 1440p 144hzAcer ED323QUR Abidpx is another curved monitor that falls under this category.

The major difference between Acer ED323QUR Abidpx and VIOTEK GNV27DB is Acer one comes with 1800R curvature and 4ms response rates and VIOTEK GNV27DB comes with 1500R curvature with a 4.8ms response rate.

The Acer ED323QUR Abidpx monitor has a bigger 32 inches VA panel display with 1440p resolutions and AMD-free sync technology.

Acer vision care technology ensures a smoother gaming experience and vibrant colors. The zero-fame design will give you an edge-to-edge viewing experience so that you can see everything.

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It comes with an Acer display widget that will help you to easily modify your monitor’s settings by their dedicated utility software.

Moreover, It supports a 16:9 aspect ratio and you can tilt this monitor in between -5 to 15 degrees to make it more comfortable for you.

It has one DisplayPort, one HDMI 1.4 port, and one DVI port that ensures that your all devices will get connected to this monitor.

Also, it supports VESA wall mounting so that you can easily hang it on your wall.

4. Acer XF270HU Cbmiiprx | Best 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitors

Acer XF270HU CbmiiprxAcer XF270HU Cbmiiprx monitor comes with 27 inches 1440p TN panel display with 144hz refresh rates and a very fast 1ms response rate and g sync compatible.

It has a zero frame design and comes with two inbuilt speakers of two watts each. Those speakers are not very powerful, but you can use them to listen to podcasts or songs.

Acer is well known for its gaming monitors. While playing competitive games, Every frame is important. It has a WQHD monitor display which ensures that you never miss any frame and keep you in your game.

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It has a 16:9 aspect ratio which presents stunning and quality images with AMD free sync technology and eye care technology that protect your eyes from blue rays and headaches.

Plus, you will get a comfortable viewing experience and a flicker-free screen with a perfect contrast ratio and a very Comfyview experience.

Apart from this, gaming monitors with various connectivity ports such as one DisplayPort one HDMI port, and one HDMI Port for connections.

5. Porsche Design Agon | Best Gaming Monitors with Curved Display

Porsche Design Agon PD27 1440p 144hz MonitorIf you are looking for a high-budget monitor then Porsche Design Agon PD27 is one of the best choices for you that comes with a lot of features.

This monitor has a curved display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and supports HDR with light FX gives a much better image experience.

However, it comes with a 240hz very fast refresh rate which is the highest response rate that is available right now, and an extra fast 0.5ms response rate for very immersive gaming experiences.

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Its AOC Light FX feature adds extra contrast and lights in the battlefield scenes so that everything is visible even in dark scenes and you can distinguish between things.

With three sides bezel-less display it can be used as a multi-monitor setup.

Apart from that, For connections, it has two DisplayPort and two HDMI ports, and four USB ports for various connections.

6. Dell 32 Inch LED | Curved QHD FreeSync Monitor

Dell 32 Inch LED Curved QHDDell S3220DGF is a premium budget segment monitor that comes with 32 inches big LED curved panel display with freesync technology in it.

It has a very sleek design that gives your PC setup a premium gaming look. It has a 2K quad HD 2560*1440 pixels resolution display with a 16:9 aspect ratio with HDR enabled.

I can say that you will never need to compromise with its picture quality and colors. You’ll get such an in-depth picture quality that gives you an in-game experience.

Since it supports the advanced version of freesync 2 to reduce the screen tearing and splitting issues, which results in a very smooth gaming experience. It changes my gaming experience.

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I also tested this monitor with NVIDIA RTX 2080 super graphic cards and is also working like charm for me.

Talking about the connectivity ports, This Dell S3220DGF monitor comes with faster DisplayPort connections and HDMI port connections.

Also, it has 5 USB ports and one audio input, and one audio output port.

7. LG 34GN850-B | Best 1440p 144hz monitors 34 Inch

LG 34GN850-B 34 InchLG 34GN850-B is a premium segment ultrawide monitor that comes with 34 inches giant big screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

I am using the dual monitor setup, and to test this monitor, I shifted to ultrawide monitor for few weeks, and believe me, it is such an amazing experience.

I already shared my views on ultrawide Vs dual monitors, you can also check out them. Now, let’s talk about this LG 34GN850-B monitor.

This monitor comes with Quad HD 3440×1440 pixels resolution display image quality with 144hz refresh rates that can be overclocked to 160hz.

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This monitor is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technology and supports HDR 400 to get better pictures and viewing angles.

It has three side small bezels and a borderless design that gives a super cool look to it.

LG is using dynamic Action Sync technology that makes the response actions as soon as they happen with minimum input lack to get stunning performance.

8. ASUS TUF | 27 inches 2K HDR Curved Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming 27 Best 1440p 144hz MonitorIf you have a decent budget and you are looking for an ideal monitor that is equipped with lots of features, then ASUS TUF is the best choice for you.

With 27 inches 2K panel display, this monitor is capable of delivering the quality of a good image. It also supports HDR images so you can see the depth in images.

Apart from this, the ASUS TUF monitor comes with 144hz fast refresh rates that support 165hz overclocking and have 1ms of extremely fast response rate with minimal motion blur while watching the action on the screen.

However, this monitor also comes with AMD freesync technology that fixes the variable FPS issues and has a shadow boost enhancement feature that enhances the dark images and areas and makes them visible.

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It also has a GamePlus option that enables some hotkeys while playing games which helps to react much faster and to improve the gaming skills.

It also has ultra-blue light filter technology that reduces the harmful blue light that is coming from the screen and protects your eyes when you are doing a movie or gaming marathon.

Now, Talking about the connectivity ports, then it comes with two DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 2.0 ports, and one audio input and output port.

9. Dell S-Series | 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor

Dell S-Series 27-Inch ScreenA monitor With a simple and very clean look, Dell has launched its S series monitors that come with a Quad HD display with 144hz refresh rates that can be overclocked to 155hz while playing games.

It has an LED panel display that saves electricity and you will get a sharp and clean image and with AMD freesync, the gameplay will be very smooth and realistic.

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The Dell S series monitors will offer you a very smooth gaming experience and with its three sides bezel-less design, you will get the full edge-to-edge picture image without any distractions.

However, this monitor has a wide range of connectivity ports, such as it comes with HDMI 1.4 ports, HDMI 2.0 ports, Display 1.2 ports, and one audio input and output port.

10. AOC 24G2 | Frameless Gaming IPS Monitor

AOC 24G2 24 inches Frameless Gaming IPS MonitorIf you are looking for a budget monitor then keep this monitor on top of your picks as it is a perfect match for pc gaming.

AOC 24G2 monitor comes with 24 inches IPS panel display with a slim frameless design. Keep in mind that this monitor comes with a Full HD 1080p display.

I know, it doesn’t have 2K resolutions, but it comes with 24 inches display and you don’t get any issues while watching movies or playing games.

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However, it comes with faster 144hz refresh rates with AMD FreeSync technology and you can use this monitor with AMD as well as NVIDIA graphics.

This monitor offers a really smoother gaming experience with very accurate colors and lots of other features.

However, Looking at the connections ports, then it comes with one DisplayPort, two HDMI ports,  and one VGA port for all types of connections.

Benefits Of 1440p 144hz Monitor

People who love competitive gaming will get a lot of benefits from having a 144hz monitor.

Because of games like PUBG and Fortnite, the rise of competitive gaming is now booming and has joined sports gaming.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd then having a higher refresh rate monitor is very important.

While playing competitive games, a small difference in user reactions can really change the results of the game.

Having a higher refresh rate and minimal motion blur will display more frames per second while playing the games and hence you will experience smoother gameplay.

Here is the complete video to understand this better.


1080p Or 2K Panel Display? Which is better For Gaming?

There is no doubt that 2k panel displays are better than 1080p displays. But in some scenarios, 1080p monitors are also working well for gaming purposes.

Suppose, if you have two monitors of 24 inches, one comes with a 1080p display, and the second comes with a 2K panel display.

At that time, both monitors will look the same and you can not distinguish between them.

But, if you have a screen bigger than 27 inches then you can easily distinguish between them.

The 2K panel display, which is well known as Quad HD has 2560×1440 pixels resolutions which result in great and gorgeous picture quality.

Having a 2K and 4K panel monitors are actually the best for gaming purpose.


This is the complete detailed in-depth article on the Best 1440p 144hz Monitor and 1440 hz monitor. Hope you found it helpful.

There are many factors that need to consider such as resolution, refresh rate, and pixel density while finalizing a monitor. We cover each and every tiny thing before writing this article. Also, if you have any questions related to the monitors, then you can ask them in the comment section.


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