Want to buy the best monitor for under 300 USD? The monitors under the segment offer 1440p, 4K, and ultra-wide screens that best suit professionals and content creators. The monitors under this segment seem more premium, sharp, and spacious, and have more features than their cheaper counterparts.

However, if you are searching for the best monitors under this price range, make sure it is productive. Look for features like display quality, text clarity, viewing angles, and other ergonomics for an effective monitor. According to us, IPS monitors are good for productivity purposes as they are rich in colors and offer wide viewing angles.

Apart from this, one should also consider the build quality and features like low-blue light mode, flicker technology, and an excellent adjustable stand. Thus, good gaming monitors under 300$ are suitable for business use, programming, coding, AutoCAD,  video-photo editing, casual gaming, and other daily computing needs.

Monitors come with adaptive sync technology, which synchronizes the displays at a variable refresh rate with the GPU’s output, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering. It improves visual clarity, reduces low input lag, and enhances the gaming experience by delivering smoother graphics and more immersive gameplay.

In this article, we have listed budget monitors of variant display screen sizes and a few ultrawide monitors. We shortlisted these after detailed testing and analysis of all the features. Suppose you are confused and not sure which monitor to buy, proceed with our list to choose the best one.

Let’s see the products with their detailed reviews.

10+ Best Monitor Under 300$ (Gaming) :UPDATED 2022

10+ Best Monitor Under 300$ (Complete List 2023)

Now read our detailed buying guide here:

1. Sceptre C305W-2560UN | Best Ultrawide Monitors Under 300

Sceptre C305W-2560UN | Best Ultrawide Monitors Under 300Sceptre brand is consistently making monitors under budget. The company took into consideration the buyer’s needs and made the best monitors based on that. The Sceptre C305W-2560UN is an excellent example of a beautifully curved ultrawide display with a 200Hz refresh rate to eliminate screen tearing.

The main feature of Sceptre is its curved ultra-wide panel that has a 21:9 aspect ratio. The more significant aspect ratio gives a wider field of view that is advantageous for serious gamers. But it doesn’t mean it’s not good for productivity. The monitor offers users multiple Windows options at the same time on screen.

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The VA panel of the display backs the monitor, which offers a great combination of contrast ratio and colors. However, the colors and the viewing angles might not be as good as IPS panels, but it does give a color-rich feel and has deep blacks because of the high-contrast ratio.

You will also get an anti-glare coating on the screen, which successfully eliminates reflections and with the 270-nits brightness performing work on the monitor feels excellent. For all gamers, the monitor has an 85 Hz refresh rate that offers ultimate smoothness. But, it is only supported when DisplayPort is used. The monitor also features adaptive sync that makes sure to give tear-free gameplay every single time. The back panel of the monitor is designed with attractive LED light stripes, which you can customize as per your taste. The features make it one of the best gaming monitors which you can get at a reasonable price.

The monitor also has Blue Light Shift, and the overall look of the monitor is very minimal with thin bezels, and the tiny footprint holds the monitor very well. The Sceptre C305W-2560UN is among the best-selling ultrawide monitors and is an excellent value for money. You can not find a better option if you have a tight budget.


2. LG 27UL500-W | Best 4k Gaming Monitor Under $300

LG 27UL500-W | Best 4k Gaming Monitors Under $300This is another product on our list from the LG brand. If you are in search of a new monitor then LG 27UL500 is one of the fantastic budget monitors option and all the demanding color tasks. It has a 4k display, and if you are looking for a 4k monitor for under 300 USD, this will be the best buy for you.

The monitor’s display is IPS and has a UHD panel with a resolution of  3840 × 2160 pixels. It is designed to provide an amazing gaming experience. It has a colorful display with a 10-bits panel depth, so the visuals are great, and the viewing angles are wide as it is an ultrawide monitor.

Also, the 4k resolution offers plenty of space on the screen, and it is highly suitable for content editing, programming, and other space-dependent tasks as it provides good picture quality. The monitor offers a peak brightness of 300 nits, and it is also HDR 10 certified.

The display panel is equipped with an anti-glare coating on the front to protect the eyes from glare and reflection. There is a 1000:1 contrast ratio making it great for dark rooms, but it lacks deep blacks like other best gaming monitors.

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The display panel also has decent text clarity and crispness making it great for text-reading tasks such as coding and programming. The monitor’s design may seem outdated because the bezels are not thin. Still, the monitor has a VESA mount compatibility, so you can mount the monitor on the custom arm if you need an adjustable screen.

Therefore, for a 4k monitor under 300$, the LG 27UL 500 is the best choice as it has a super-sharp IPS display and suffixes productivity.

3. LG 32QN600-B | Best Gaming Monitor 32-Inch

LG 32QN600-B | Best Gaming Monitors 32-InchThe LG 32QN600 monitor is a large QHD monitor with excellent sharpness and clarity, making it acceptable for office work, entertainment, and casual gaming. By only spending a few bucks extra, you can get this one with QHD that will give more screen space and sound clarity.

The IPS panel of the LG monitor is the main highlight as it has a super clear screen with wide-viewing angles. The display with 2560 × 1440 pixels of resolution is best for most tasks, and the bigger screen will make the visual appear larger and sharper than the other counterparts of 1080p monitors. The usability of this LG monitor is very seamless. The visuals are also bright, even in the well-lit rooms. It also comes with an anti-glare coating on display, eliminating most of the glares and reflections.

The screen on the monitor covers 99% sRGB, and it is factory calibrated, so its color is accurate and suits best for video editing and color demanding tasks. However, the darkroom preferences could have been better. It is moderate like other IPS displays in this budget.

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It does not develop deep black as other VA panels; it does have a black stabilizer. Features wise the LG 32QN600 is the best performing because it has plenty of features focused primarily on gaming, productivity, and entertainment.

The monitor comes with a low blue light mode, reader mode, and super resolution+-like features. All these features together provide a good reading and gaming experience by changing the color intensity of the screen based on the room’s lighting condition. For entertainment purposes, the monitor has HDR10.  This will boost the brightness and contrast to the maximum for giving the best high dynamic range experience.

This monitor also has something for the gamers; it comes with AMD FreeSync, Black Stabilizer, Crosshair, and various other preset game modes. The overall look of the monitor is very minimal, with a black textured finish that gives an elegant look. It is an IPS multi-purpose monitor and thus is ideal for productivity, and entertainment, it is especially known as the best gaming monitor.

4. AOC U2790VQ | Full HD Resolution Gaming Monitor

AOC U2790VQ | Full HD Resolution Gaming MonitorThe AOC U2790VQ is a frameless 27 inches UHD that comes at a very economical price. It lacks FreeSync features, but the competitive price and offering of a 4k IPS screen at an affordable price range are unbeatable.

It is the most selling monitor on Amazon because of its 4K screen. A monitor with IPS technology with vivid colors and viewing angles, as you would have expected. The color coverage of the screen is 108% sRGB; this makes it ideal for all the functions that require color accuracy, and the 4k screen will benefit content creation and image quality. It also works fine as a gaming monitor.

The texts on the screen are super sharp, and 27 inches large display screen offers a great combination of screen real estate and sharpness with 163ppi. The monitor is provided with an anti-glare coating at the front, and the 350 nits brightness makes it the best option for a well-lit environment.

The AOC is not a feature-rich monitor, but it does offer low blue light mode and flicker technology that is much needed when sitting in front of the screen for an extended time. The AOC monitor has a frameless design from the three sides. Thus, you can also build a multiple monitor setup. The monitor’s design is very minimal and professional, and the stand of the monitor has less footprint, but it holds the monitor perfectly.

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The monitor also has a tilt function so, if you look at it from a display quality perspective, it’s of great value and will save you a few bucks.

5. LG 32ML600M-B | Gaming Monitor with HDR 10 Under 300

LG 32ML600M-B | Best Gaming Monitors with HDR 10 Under 300The LG 32ML600M is among the best 32-inches gaming monitors good for productivity, gaming, and other entertainment purposes. The monitor highly suits gaming and entertainment because it’s a large screen.

The LG monitor sports one of the most extensive displays under the 300$ price segment. You can not find a good gaming monitor like LG at this price range. It has a 1080p panel with a relatively very low PPI of 69, making the text look fuzzy. This is not for text focussed purposes like coding and programming.

It is great for entertainment as HDR 10 certified; the videos look amazing and deliver an immersive viewing experience and high image quality. The monitor covers 95% DCI-P3 color gamut making it excellent for creative professionals. However, the low PPI fails to give much screen real estate.

The LG monitor is the best gaming monitor because of its large screen and second because of the 5ms response time good for motion handling. The HDR performance of the LG monitor is also decent because of the 300-nits peak brightness.

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Along with it, the monitor comes with LG’s black stabilizer mode that senses the darkness and dark scenes and makes the visuals brighter. It also has a crosshair feature for shooting games and a screen-split feature for splitting the screens into three or four. This will make multitasking easy.

The LG monitor has a very classic design with thick bezels. The build -quality is sturdy but doesn’t seem cheap. The stand is also robust and holds the big monitor very well.

If you want a bigger screen monitor under 300 USD for competitive gaming, the LG M32ML600M will be a great option.

6. LG 29WK600-W | PC Gaming Monitor Under 300

LG 29WK600-W | Best Gaming Monitors Under 300The LG 29 WK600 is the monitor for everyday productivity, entertainment, gaming, and even entry-level designing. It is especially designed for competitive games.

It is an ultra-wide monitor with a 29-inches display screen, but it is as tall as the regular 23 inches monitor, only wider. The monitor has a 21:9 format which will be of great advantage. In video games, you will have a wider field of view. 

Here’s the best part, the ultra-wide resolution is similar to the native format at which many videos are shot, so you will be able to have a cinematic experience without any black bars at the top/bottom of the screens.

This LG gaming monitor uses IPS technology with over 99% sRGB color gamut and 5ms of response speed. The features in the monitor include a black stabilizer, pre-calibrated picture preset, AMD free sync, crosshair, etc. The monitor also supports HDR 10 content, but because of the shortage of proper color gamut and brightness, it barely gives a remarkable HDR viewing experience.

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The LG 29WK600 is a tilt-only monitor as its stands are easily detachable. So, you will also get an option to mount it on the walls using the VESA holes. The LG monitor has thin bezels with a matte coating that successfully eliminates sunlight reflections. Overall the LG 29WK600 monitor is a good value for money.

7. ASUS VG278QR | Best Gaming Monitor Under $300

ASUS VG278QR | Best Gaming Monitor Under $300The ASUS VG2780QR is the best-selling gaming monitor on Amazon right now. The monitor comes with a variable refresh rate, super-low response times, and many gaming features that make it a great deal for anyone who wants a gaming monitor under 300$.

The monitor has a 27 inches TN panel which is excellent for gaming purposes. It has 1920 × 1080 pixels of resolution, making it ideal for most tasks, although you won’t get a clear text quality but provide reasonable image quality. Thus, the monitor may not be the best for productivity, but it is still the best gaming monitor.

The monitor has impressive motion handling capabilities, and the resolution of 1080p stays easy on the GPU. So, you will get smooth and excellent gameplay. The display is very soft for gaming as it supports a 165Hz refresh rate making the game super fluidic. And you will get a real-life gaming experience. 

In addition to this, the monitor has a 0.5ms of blazing-fast response time, making it an excellent choice under 300 USD. It has a good side viewing experience because of the peak brightness of 400- nits. Furthermore, it is best for multi monitor setup.

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It is a gaming-focused monitor so that you will love its slim bezels design, and the monitor is best for dual setup if you need extra horizontal screen space.

Therefore, we recommend this monitor to competitive gamers because of its maximum refresh rate and blazing fast response.

8. Samsung FT45 Series | Best Gaming Monitors for $300

Samsung FT45 Series | Best Gaming Monitors for $300If you want a superior quality 1080p monitor under 300 USD for your office and home needs, then the Samsung FT45 is an excellent choice for you. The monitor comes with a premium design, good image quality, a colorful display, cool productivity features, good connectivity, and an adjustable stand. It is a Full HD monitor at a budgeted price.

The display screen of the monitor is 23.8 inches with an IPS panel. The monitor offers rich colors with wide viewing angles. Since the resolution is 1080p, you will get text clarity and most screen space for all your purposes. The pop-up colors and the visuals are very vibrant, and the color doesn’t shift if you view from the very impressive sides.

You will also get a decent dark light performance for most of your tasks but don’t expect it to be as good as high-end gaming monitors. Feature-wise, the Samsung FT45 monitor is not very fancy but enough competitive edge, it has all the essential features. There is an eye-saver mode, flicker-free technology, and eco-saving plus. The eco-saving plus mode reduces the energy consumption by 10%.

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The build quality of the Samsung monitor is very premium, and you will feel it once you use it. The design is very classic but minimal at the same time, and the matte black finish gives a very professional look. The monitor is manufactured with very thin bezels that give it an aesthetic look. 

The stand also comes with an excellent grip, so the monitor doesn’t wobble. The stand is fully adjustable, and so it provides tilt, swivel, pivot, and height options, and all of this works pretty smoothly.

So, if you want a monitor under 300$ for good productivity and business purposes, or competitive gaming the Samsung FT45 will be the best choice for you.

9. Dell SE2722HX | High Resolution Monitor Under $300

Dell SE2722HX | High Resolution Monitor Under $300The DELL SE2722HX is the monitor that has a mixed usage with its VA panel. The monitor features wide-viewing angles and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Because of the addition of this little feature, the office space turns out a lot better with this monitor on them.

Only being a VA monitor, it packs the trophy for the top monitor under this price range. The image quality remains incredible, and the user can also view the visuals from any side or top without losing the picture quality. And this is a bonus feature you will get as far as the monitor under 300$ is concerned.

The display’s peak brightness is 259-nits; it does seem a little low in this range, so you will have to mostly keep it on 100% brightness and still might not be satisfied. The brightness isn’t very interesting, and this is the only thing you need to consider.

However, it doesn’t blur the strength of the DELL monitor because the VA panel monitor performs excellently in the dark. The monitor offers a 3000:1 contrast ratio that makes the gaming and video watching clearer, especially at night. Not to forget, the 75Hz refresh rates give smoothness and don’t make much of a difference. 

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The 5ms response time makes the gaming session more joyful with the precise imaging performance, and it doesn’t even cause motion trials.

The DELL SE2722HX has a TUV certified comfort view property, and it minimizes the harmful blue light from the screen so your eyes will not get fatigued. The monitor also sports flicker technology, and the monitor comes with an anti-glare coating.

The look and design of the DELL monitor is a much-desired type, and it is highly stable. And the monitor is designed to suit the office place condition. The DELL SE2722HX is a monitor with good dark-room performance.

10. ASUS ProArt Display | Gaming Monitor Under 300

ASUS ProArt Display | Gaming Monitor Under 300The ASUS ProArt monitor is a color-accurate IPS monitor for under 300$. The company mainly focuses on delivering optimum color accuracy with a ton of features that are helpful for all graphic designers, photo editors, and video editors to represent their work with utmost quality.  

The monitor does perform amazingly at color-accurate tasks and doesn’t suffice other daily requirements. The USP of this ASUS ProArt display monitor is its super color accurate screen. The display is 27 inches with a WQHD IPS panel that feels big and sharp, providing loads of room on the screen to open multiple windows at one time.

The ASUS monitor is equipped with 100% sRGB color coverage and comes company-calibrated. The company claims that their monitor is Calman verified to deliver maximum performance for the professionals. Moreover, those into gaming should not step back as there is a 5ms minimum response speed and a 75Hz refresh rate that gives a smooth gaming experience in this gaming monitor under 300.

Although the ASUS monitor doesn’t offer a FreeSync feature, it comes with ASUS’s flicker technology to minimize the stutter and tearing effect when applying fast-paced motion games. The ASUS ProArt has many convenient features for all multi-taskers out there who require different color settings. You will get the option to switch between other color options, whether it is color-grading, video-editing, or photo editing.

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The monitor’s build is very robust and feels premium, and the stand has minimal footprint plus, it offers 13cm height adjustment, which is excellent. The monitor can pivot 90-degrees on either side and thus, it is one of the best vertical monitors if you are a coder or a content creator. 

Therefore, if you are in color-demanding tasks, the ASUS ProArt PA278QV will be the perfect monitor for you.

11. Philips 278E1A | Best Gaming Monitors with Frameless Design

Philips 278E1A | Best Gaming Monitors with Frameless DesignThe Philips 278E1A is the rarest 4k monitor available in this price range. And is beta if you want Ultra HD resolution with the sharpest picture quality.

The 4k UHD panel of the monitor gives incredible image quality with sharp and crisp details. The monitor features IPS technology with 10-bit color support and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The 350-nit brightness and 109% RGB color space coverage are among some of its best features.

This means that not only will the picture be sharp and crisp, but it will also have vibrant and accurate colors for aspiring designers and content creators.

And because of the high resolution, you will not require anti-aliasing, which will help with the frame rate performance. The monitor sports ultra-thin bezels, and it is VESA mount compatible but only has a tilt feature. It is definitely one of the best gaming monitors as the features of this model are much more advance than other options.

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We hope our detailed in-depth buying guide helped you get a better purchasing decision when it comes to finding the best gaming monitor under 300.

Stay tuned for more great well-researched guides on our blog and get the best out of your monitors.

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