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FreeSync technology-enabled monitor is used to keep the monitor refresh rates in sync with the AMD processor.

This results in very accurate picture quality and eliminates the screen tearing and shuttering effects.

Hence, you will get a very accurate and stable monitor FPS while playing games.

This technology is unknown to a lot of people, so if you are looking for a Freesync monitor it means you are serious about gaming, and the picture quality of your monitor matter to you along with its refresh rate.

Having a cheap 144hz monitor is one of the finest choices for gamers.

Usually, the refresh rate of monitors is 60Hz with this technology it is increased to 75,120,144 or in the best case scenario 240Hz. This type of technology is called adaptive synchronization technology.

What Are FreeSync Monitors?

A free sync monitor is a type of display device that can synchronize its refresh rate with the output of a graphics card.

This allows the monitor to avoid displaying image artifacts or tearing, during periods of high-motion content.

Freesync monitors are available in both standard and adaptive sync varieties, the latter of which can dynamically adjust their refresh rate to match the needs of the content being displayed.

Freesync technology was developed by AMD in response to Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

AMD’s implementation differs from Nvidia’s in that it does not require any additional hardware or software on the part of the monitor manufacturer.

With AMD FreeSync technology, you will not get the screen tearing issues and low visuals which you may get if your monitor is V-Sync enabled.

AMD processors support freesync with a standard HDMI cable or with DisplayPort 1.2. To get the advantage of AMD free sync technology, you need to purchase a monitor that is compatible with AMD FreeSync.

What Is Freesync Monitor? in short, this technology is used to make a person’s gaming experience better.

This tech helps prevent tearing, stuttering, and juddering of the monitor’s refresh rate.

When choosing a monitor make sure your PC is compatible with the display resolution for example a 4k monitor is a waste of money for a 1080p console.

FreeSync works well only if your PC has an AMD brand graphics card or processor. For Xbox gamers, free sync monitors are a perfect match as AMD graphic chips are used.

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Freesync Vs G- Sync: Which Technology Is Better?

Both these technologies work to keep your gaming experience stutter-free.

The major difference between them is compatibility.

The G-Sync is compatible with an NVIDIA graphics card and adjusts its frame rate accordingly and Freesync is with AMD.

They both provide smooth picture quality and are good in their rights.

Typically the free sync monitors are cheaper and as good as their G-Sync counterparts.

Certain freesync monitors like ASUS VG279QM work both with free sync and G-sync technologies though it would be better to choose one as per your requirement instead of these.

What Is Freesync Monitor – Freesync Vs Freesync 2

As the name suggests freesync 2 is a better version of freesync monitors. The latest monitors are equipped with freesync 2.

Both the monitors reduce tearing and make the monitor stutter-free while freesync 2 has HDR support along with VRR technology thus you will get smoother gameplay and also it boosts the image quality and immersion.

To use free sync monitors make sure the latest AMD Catalyst drivers are installed on the PC and the Freesync option is enabled in settings.

AMD FreeSync

Note: Secondary drivers need not be installed, most latest updated software includes these drivers.

Some Games work with a predefined frame rate which might limit the capability of the monitor but is not a reason to be concerned if freesync is keeping it within the threshold.

What Is Freesync Monitor -Conclusion

FreeSync and GSync both are the same technology, But they support different GPU units.

Thanks for reading our guide on what is free sync monitor, now, You can easily distinguish which type of monitor you should need to purchase according to the processor united you are using.

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