If you are a freelancer or doing any desk job where you have to spend multiple hours on the screen, then there is high chance that you are struggling with eye strain, computer vision syndrome, or normal headache problems.

These problems are very common these days and they can easily be solved by purchasing a new monitor that comes with eye care technologies.

We tested a number of monitors available in the market and found Viewsonic and BenQ as the best Monitors For Eye Strain that you can purchase in 2023.

Modern monitors have the ability to adjust their brightness, temperature, and contrast settings according to the picture so that you will get minimum strain on your eyes and you can do your work seamlessly.

We have tested many monitors that come with eye care technology and some of the top-notch brands monitors such as Asus, BenQ, and HP are found to be great.

All these monitors come with pre-installed color profiles that protect your eyes from eye fatigue and dry eyes problems.

Having the best monitor eye strain with higher pixels will help protect our eyes.

All these below Monitors have high pixels and hence they have very good image quality. So take a look at our list and find the best eye care monitor for you.

And since they have inbuilt eye care technology so you can now say bye-bye to all the headache and eye fatigue problems.

Warning: If you are getting serious headaches or eye issues, then it is always recommended to consult a good doctor first.

Best Monitors For Eye Strain That You Can Purchase In 2023
Best Eye Strain Monitors

Guide: Best Monitors For Eyes In 2023 (Monitors For Eye Strain)

Here is the list of the best eye protection monitors that you can buy in 2023. All these monitors come with eye care technology.

Also, Most people search for budget-friendly monitors and if you are searching for the same then you can check out ViewSonic VX2457-MHD which is probably the best monitor for eye strain under $150.

If you do a lot of gaming and need a best monitor low blue light for that, then you can check out the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q monitor. You can read out the detailed review below in this article.

1. ViewSonic VX2457-MHD | Full HD Monitor For Eyes

Size: 24 Inches, High Resolution: Full HD, Ports: DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA , Pixels:1920×1080, Refresh Rate:75hz, Response Rate:5ms.

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD 24 Inch Full HD Monitor For EyesViewSonic VX2457-MHD is a sweet budget-friendly monitor that comes with 24 inches full HD TN panel display along with a 1ms response rate and 75 Hz refresh rates. Along with this blue light filter feature makes it a complete and perfect monitor choice.

However, ViewSonic VX2457-MHD has a modern design that looks good and has great performance. Since this monitor support AMD FreeSync and hence you will get a very smooth gaming experience without any screen tearing. The advance features of Viewsonic make it one of best Monitors For Eye Strain.

Also, ViewSonic VX2457-MHD is well optimized for gaming and it supports flicker-free technology and has a blue light filter so that it looks comfortable to your eyes.

Moreover, ViewSonic VX2457-MHD has  300 cd/m2 brightness along with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and more than 16.7 million colors to get very accurate colors while gaming and watching videos.

Getting this kind of specifications in this price range is really good and the overall performance of this monitor is pretty good. Also, it has two integrated speakers of 2×2 watts.

Looking at the connections then it comes with 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI port, 1 Display 1.2 port, and audio input and output ports. And if you need the best monitor for eyes for under $150, then getting this monitor will be the right choice for you.

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2. Asus ROG Swift PG279Q | Best Eye Care Gaming Monitor

Size: 27 Inches, High Resolution: 2K Panel, Ports: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, Pixels:2560×1440, Refresh Rate:165hz, Response Rate:4ms.

Best Monitors For Eye StrainThe Asus ROG Swift PG279Q is one of the best-performing gaming monitors made for people who don’t want to compromise their gaming experience and for those who are searching for a premium-quality monitor which also has blue light technology.

Apart from the gaming experience, the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q has also optimized for your eyes so that you will get very less strain while playing games.

This monitor comes with 27 inches 2K WQHD Resolution display that supports a 144hz refresh rate and can be overclocked to 165hz for an immersive gaming experience.

Also, it comes with NVIDIA G SYNC technology to remove screen ghosting and screen tearing and gives you a smoother gaming experience.

This monitor comes with Asus Eye Care technology that is specially designed to enable best low blue light monitor filters and keeps your eyes healthy.

Also, it has a bezel-less display that keeps you less distracted and focused.

lastly, looking at the connections then it comes with DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and 2 x USB 3.0 ports.

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3. BenQ 24 | Best IPS Monitor With Eye Care Technology

Size: 24 Inches, Resolution: Full HD, Ports: DisplayPort, HDMI, Pixels:1280×1080, Refresh Rate:60hz, Response Rate:5ms.

Best Monitors For Eye StrainBenQ GW2480 is another budget-friendly blue light monitor for eyes that comes with 24 inches IPS panel display having 1920×1080 pixels resolutions.

This brightness intelligence monitor has very ultraslim bezels and hence you can use this for dual monitors setup.

Looking at the specifications then the BenQ GW2480 monitor comes with 5ms response rates and 60hz refresh rates which is ideal and normally comes with all these monitors that fall under $150.

However, it comes with eye care technology, a blue light filter and it supports Proprietary brightness Intelligence Adaptive technology which helps to automatically adjust the screen brightness of this monitor to get the best possible viewing angles and picture quality. It delivers optimized images that look good to your eyes. It is also a good option for video editors.

BenQ GW2480 monitors come with two integrated speakers of two watts each and it supports VESA wall mounting, Display port, HDMI port, and one VGA port for faster connections.

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4. ViewSonic VP2468. | Best Professional Eye Care Gaming Monitor

Size: 24 Inches, Resolution: Full HD, Ports: DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, Pixels:1280×1080, Refresh Rate:60hz, Response Rate:5ms.

Best Monitors For Eye StrainViewSonic VP2468 is a professional monitor that is made for those people that do graphic designing and photography works.

It has a very good contrast ratio and a wide range of colors which makes this monitor compatible with delivering really good picture quality hence this monitor is the number one choice for people who do graphic design works. It is also known as a perfect gaming monitor and the number one choice of pro gamers.

Looking at the complete specifications of this monitor then it comes with 24 inches full HD display to deliver the best accuracy. Also, it comes with more than 4.39 trillion colors and LUT Color Calibration for absolutely stunning images.

However, ViewSonic VP2468 supports 60hz refresh rates with 5ms response rates for Flexible gaming support. Based on our test, this monitor has really good performance and is easy to calibrate colors and settings. The blue light feature also protects your eyes from any damage.

Lastly, Looking at the connectivity ports then it comes with HDMI ports and Display ports for faster high-speed connections.

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5. BenQ GW2765HT | Best Computer Monitors for Eye Care

Size: 27 Inches, Resolution: 2K , Ports: DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, VGA, Pixels:2560×1440, Refresh Rate:60hz, Response Rate:4ms.

Best Monitor For Eye StrainBenQ GW2765HT is another eye care monitor that comes with 27 inches IPS panel computer screen for great clear picture quality, it has a 2K panel display having 2560x1440p pixels resolutions.

This monitor is well optimized for home and office use and it has great visuals that help you to manage your excels and records more easily without getting many strains on your eyes. The blue light features make it a perfect choice for those who use the screen for hours.

The latest panel technology consumes much lesser electricity as compared to other monitors and it supports Zero flicker technology for a smoother gaming experience.

BenQ GW2765HT monitor comes with two integrated speakers of one watt each is not so much power but you can use them if you didn’t have any external speakers to listen to.

Also, it comes with Senseye viewing modes that include various different color modes for and you can set them while gaming, reading, watching, and doing day-to-day tasks.

Lastly, it comes with HDMI ports, Display ports, a DVI ports, and one VGA port to connect all your devices without any issues.

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6. Asus VP28UQG | Blue Light Technology Monitor For Eye Strain

Size: 28 Inches, Resolution: 4K , Ports: HDMI, Pixels:3840×2160, Refresh Rate:60hz, Response Rate:1ms.

Best Monitor For Eye StrainAsus VP28UQG is another good monitor that comes with bigger 28 inches IPS Panel screen with a 4K Ultra HD Display which makes it a perfect gaming monitor.

Basically, this monitor is made for those who loved 4K gaming but, you can also use it for crispy and clear visuals. The blue light technology ensures that you can use the monitor for hours without any issues.

However, this monitor supports 60hz refresh rates with very fast 1ms response rates so there is always no issue of any type of screen ghosting which is quite good.

Also, it has an adaptive sync feature that cuts down all the dead frames and screen tearing issues and gives you a pretty great gaming experience.

And Asus monitors come with special Asus Eye Care technology that lowers blue light and eliminates flickering to reduce eyestrain and ailments. Display colors are 1073.7 M 10 bit and the maximum contrast ratio is 1000: 1.

It can allow an Adaptive-Sync/Free Sync supported graphics source to dynamically adjust display refresh rate based on typical content frame rates for power-efficient, virtually stutter-free, and low latency display updates. It is also a good option for graphic designers, as it provides all the features designers need in a monitor.

Now, Looking at the Input and output ports then it has HDMI connections, DisplayPort connections, and one mini 3.5mm headphones jack.

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7. ASUS Designo | 27-inch 2K Eye Care IPS Monitor

Size: 27 Inches, Resolution: 2K , Ports:DisplayPort, HDMI, Pixels:2560×1440, Refresh Rate:60hz, Response Rate:5ms.

ASUS Designo 27-inch 2K Best Monitor For Eye StrainASUS Designo 27 inches 2K Panel display monitor that supports 2560 x 1440 pixels resolutions which is very good for those who spend a lot of time watching movies or playing games on their PC monitors.

With a 2K IPS panel display, you will get very smooth images, even from a very close distance from the screen. The blue light technology also helps to reduce the effect of eye strain.

Also, ASUS eye care Designo has inbuild 6W speakers with one 5 watts subwoofer which works as 2.1 Channel speakers and produces a very immersive audio experience.

However, the Asus eye care monitor supports 60Hz refresh rates along with a 5ms response rate which is ideal, and you can easily enjoy games at not more than 60 fps.

Overall, this monitor is really good for those who need monitors with speakers. People who don’t want to buy external speakers or people who have very little space on their desk can go with this monitor.

Lastly, talking about the input ports then it comes with two HDMI 1.2 ports, one DisplayPort, and one audio input and output port.

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What Is Eye Care Technology?

In this digital world where people spend most of their time on the screen. Being in front of a screen all day can cause Computer Vision Syndrome. Due to this reason eye care computer monitors are ideal.

And hence it is quite important to protect your eyes and keep them healthy this eye care technology is designed. With Eye Care Technology such as blue light, you will get comfortable viewing angles and protect your eyes from several eye problems such as Headaches, Burning eyes, Red eyes, eye strains, and eye fatigue.

How To Choose Right Monitor For Eye Strain? (Quick Buying Guide)

Although, All the latest Monitors come with eye care technology and designs in such a way that you will get minimum strains on your eyes.

But, still, there are some key features that you need to check out before purchasing any eye care monitor.

But remember that if you are getting too much irritation on your eyes while working then I highly recommended you consult a good eye doctor.

And I also recommend you to wear computer glasses while working. It will filter out all the blue light to protect your eyes.

The Buying Guide will help you to find the budget monitor as per your needs. Following are some of the key things you need to check before buying a monitor for eye strain.

Display Size

Choosing the right display size is very crucial.

Because, the bigger display was, the more distance you have to keep in between your eyes and the screen to get clear image quality.

If you are purchasing a monitor for your office use then a 20 – 22 inches monitor will do your job.

But if you want to purchase a monitor to enjoy Netflix or prime videos, then you can always go with a 27-30 inches monitor.

Display size is something you can understand better than which one is required for your work.

Choose The Best Monitors For Eyes to Protect your eyes from Strains
monitors for Eyes


Now, the pixels are very important. As you need a clear image that looks good to your eyes, then I recommended you not to choose a monitor that is less than 1080p ( 1920×1080 ).

But if you are planning to purchase a giant-size monitor then go with a 2K WQHD or 4K display for better image quality.

Besides this, If you are looking for monitors for gaming, then you can check out our recommendations for the best monitor for CSGO and the monitors for overwatch gaming.

Blue Light Filter

A monitor good for eyes usually has a blue light filter which is the latest technology in which if you turn it on, then it will cut down all the blue light radiations coming from the monitor’s screen.

The blue light filter technology automatically adjusts the brightness and warmth of the screen and automatically looks more comfortable to your eyes.

You can use some hacks also such as always preferring dark screen backgrounds and desktop wallpapers. Black color helps a lot to reduce eye strains.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right monitor for your eyes?

You should take into consideration the following:

  • Display size: The bigger the display, the further you should be from the screen to get a clear picture quality.
  • Resolution: It is recommended to not choose a monitor that is less than 1080p (1920×1080)
  • Blue light filter: This technology adjusts the brightness and warmth of the screen automatically to make it more comfortable to your eyes.

What are the top monitors

for eye strain?

Here is a short list of the Monitors:

  • ViewSonic VX2457-MHD
  • Asus ROG Swift PG279Q
  • BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor
  • ViewSonic VP2468
  • BenQ GW2765HT

What is Eye Care Technology?

With Eye Care Technology you will get comfortable viewing angles and protect your eyes from several eye problems and side effects such as headache, burning eyes, red eyes, eye strains, and eye fatigue.

Final Words

So, this is everything that you need to know about before purchasing any budget monitor for your eyes. In this work-from-home era, You have to ensure that your eyes won’t get any type of strain so that you can complete your day-to-day work easier.

Also, if you have a MacBook, then you can buy an external monitor for MacBook Pro that comes with this eye care technology. It will help you to complete your work more efficiently.


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