When purchasing monitors, you need to know the right size that will meet all your requirements, you can choose after a 27 vs 32-Inch Monitor comparison. As with each monitor size, you need to be sure about the factors like aspect ratio, width, and resolution. The purchase of a monitor should be made according to the purpose of buying a monitor, be it for professional use, gaming, or any other field.

You must also know that there is nothing called a standard-size monitor because the 13.5 to 15 inches monitor that people often use on their laptops and PC setups can be even smaller and bigger depending on the purpose. For example, you must have a 24-inch TV monitor so that everyone in the room can view the screen correctly.

However, suppose you are using the monitor for gaming. In that case, it is a crucial factor to look upon as the aspect ratio that different sizes of monitors may affect the gaming experience and lead to a bad game viewing experience. So, for high-end gaming, it is recommended to use a 27-inch monitor.

Let’s discuss the appropriate size for all your needs: the 27 and 32-inch monitor sizes and why they are considered the best fit for your monitor. 

How to Know the Right Monitor Size?

Before you buy a monitor, you must know the correct methods to measure any monitor, or you might not understand the proper concept behind each monitor’s requirement. The common mistake people make while measuring a monitor is by calculating the size horizontally, but that’s not the case. 

You should always measure any monitor diagonally, which means you need to hold one end of the viewable corner of the screen and the other for the correct measurement. In today’s slim monitors, the CRTs make the diagonal even thicker, reducing the viewing screen on a monitor. For example, a 24-inch monitor will have a display size of 22.5 inches. It is clearly a better option to choose a 27 or 32-inch monitor as the screen is much bigger than a 24-inch monitor.

However, flat display panel monitors have the actual screen size because they do not have a cathode-ray tube (CRT). There is another method to measure the display size of a monitor in which you first measure the length(L) of the screen and then the breadth(B) with a measuring tape. Then use the formula mentioned below to calculate the diagonal(M) to determine the monitor’s correct viewing screen.

M=(L*L) + (B*B)

27 vs 32-inch Monitor Size Comparison

27 vs 32-Inch Monitor

Generally, any monitor you buy depends on your needs, but deciding which monitor can be the correct size for you becomes a tricky question. The most favored sizes can be 24, 27, and 32-inch monitors that fit all your requirements, but still, there are options to choose the most appropriate size technically. All these work fine for a casual gamer.

So let’s make a comparison based on the factors mentioned below to make the right choice for you between 27 and 32-inch monitors screen.

Physical Size

As we learned before, flat display panel monitors have the actual monitor sizes rather than a monitor having CRTs that increase the diagonal. This length difference means that panel monitors include the non-viewing areas on the screen.

For example, a 27-inch monitor will have a viewing screen length of 24.2 inches and a viewing breadth of 14.4 inches, while on the other hand, a 32-inch monitor has a view length of 28.1 inches and a view screen breadth of 16.9 inches. So, a 32-inch monitor has more viewing size than a 27-inch monitor if you look at the overall data making it a better-fit monitor screen and widely used in office work.


The monitor’s resolution is highly dependent on the size of any display screen, as each monitor comes with a different pixel resolution and density for a screen. This means that a big screen view will have more pixel density and also affect the video quality on a screen. The smaller the pixel, the clearer and more vivid the image quality you get. A bigger monitor provides high resolution than the other one. Higher resolution monitors are the need of graphic designers, so you need to select accordingly.

So, if you go for a 27-inch monitor, you will see an aspect ratio of 2560 x 16000 eighth with a 1440p which supports a 4k resolution. This screen can be your budget-friendly monitor if you are looking for one and is also perfect for multiple monitors setup. While on the other hand, a 32-inch screen will have all the high-definition screen viewing abilities like 4k resolution and an aspect ratio of 3840 x 2160.

On-Screen Display and Text Scaling

As we know, the aspect ratio and resolution differ for different sizes of monitors, and the actual size is determined using text scaling. Like for a 27-inch monitor, the text is displayed much smaller than any monitor size smaller than this. However, the screen size and the resolution are large, and you can set the text scaling according to your need in the operating system.

If you look at a 32-inch monitor screen, it does have anything to do with the display size, as it has a huge resolution, so you need to make text scale adjustments for better use. If you don’t, you may have difficulty reading the text or looking at icons or tabs on the screen.


As you already know, the main difference between monitors is in their sizes, as a 27-inch monitor will be smaller than a 32-inch one. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can go for a 27-inch monitor, as both monitors have almost the same functions, considering the usage.

However, if you are a gamer, programmer, or doing photo editing you must consider a 32-inch monitor as it has a higher refresh rate, a great view, and a faster output for any input you provide means. A 32-inch monitor is widely used as gaming monitors. Moreover, if you have eye problems, you must buy a 32-inch monitor as it has a larger screen.

Picture Quality

It plays a great role when looking for a monitor, which depends on resolution, pixel density, and aspect ratio. The higher the density and resolution, the better and more vivid picture view you can expect from a monitor. The image quality of larger monitors are much higher than other option.

While 27-inch monitors provide good picture quality if you want an excellent view when watching any show, web series, movie, or gameplay. Then it would be best if you looked for a 32-inch monitor as it will offer the best quality visual presentation of images and video.


Although the right decision to choose a better alternative between 27 and 32-inch monitors depends on the purpose for which you need the monitor. But the 27-inch monitor can be a great deal if you are on a budget, as it has all the necessary functions that you require in a monitor.

However, if your work depends on a PC, in that case, you need to purchase a 32-inch monitor as it provides more flexibility like a higher refresh rate, fast functionality, and many other major functions, faster programming, editing, etc.

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