Making the right choice for a monitor is very important so that you may not regret the purchase later and the major aspect for making a choice between monitors is their sizes. You can choose the right one by 24 vs 27-Inch Monitor comparison. Nowadays, tech-savvy people look for monitors that can meet all their requirements.

Choosing the most significant monitor can be tough between 24 and 27-inch monitors, as these display and image quality has become the features of best-seller monitors in recent times. They can be used roughly to their extremes and provide optimal usage benefits to the users.

So let’s discuss between the two monitors which is a better option to buy that can meet all the standards. Keep reading the article, as it will help you to make a better decision between a 24-inch and a 27 monitor size display. Let’s start!

About 24-inch monitor

24 inch monitor

A 24-inch monitor has a diagonal screen size measurement of 61 cm where you can perform single tasks like internet surfing, word document, etc. The display size is perfect for processing one work at a time. Moreover, the display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and includes many screen development features like On-Screen Display, screen orientation, screen calibration, and Plug & Play option.

Maximum 24-inch monitors have an HD resolution, while the panels have a 1440P or a 4K resolution. Moreover, a common screen resolution in most 24-inch monitors is 1920 x 1080P, with a brightness capacity of around 250 nits. You need a high resolution for competitive gaming.

About 27-inch monitor

27 inch monitor

Compared to a 24-inch monitor, the diagonal size of a 27 monitor size is bigger, as it is 69 cm and can be perfectly used by multitaskers for playing games, PC programming, editing, graphic design, and much more. This flexibility is because of the enhanced viewing on the screen that allows you to perform multiple tasks at a time.

The high resolution display of a 27-inch monitor is 2560 x 1440P, which can also be increased from 4K to 8K. Besides these, a conventional 27″ monitor has many other properties like a security lock space, on-screen display, TCO- certified displays, in-built speakers, and much more.

Difference between a 24-inch and a 27-inch Monitor

The major difference between the two monitors is their sizes, as a 27-inch display is slightly larger than a 24-inch monitor. This variation in the screen size creates many precise differences between the multiple screens that are discussed below.

  1. Field of Vision

You must understand that the clear view you have while performing any task on the monitor, the faster you can work. While playing games, you need to constantly look at the game assets like maps, the accessories you have, and the clear exposure of texts, which is impossible if you have a wider screen like in a 27″ monitor.

Moreover, a small screen, like a 24-inch monitor, has more pixel density and provides clear text exposure than a bigger screen with a similar resolution. However, these screens are suitable for fast-gaming FPP shooting but not for RPG games. You can use these as gaming monitor or for work related to the office.

  1. Easy-to-Read Distance for Your Monitor

We know that the aspect ratio of a 24 and a 27-inch monitor is 16:9, and the 27-inch monitor provides an additional 21:9 aspect ratio. So clearly, you must prefer a 24-inch monitor instead of a 27″ monitor for an enhanced view.

You must stand or sit around 45 cm away from the screen to easily read the content, like the menus, title bar, and tabs on the display of a 24-inch monitor. However, if you have a 27 monitor size, you must be standing around 60 to 70 cm away from the monitor, or you will have a partial view of the screen.

  1. Competitive Gaming

If you are an enthusiastic gamer, then a 24″ would be the standard size if you look into different gaming competitions. In a situation like first-person shooter games, a 24-inch monitor stands fit because this screen will help you to look with your eyes more easily at the entire screen than you can see on a 27″ with a wider display.

However, if you are a casual gamer, you can have a 27″ monitor with a larger screen which is also effective while playing games that you can play on a 24″.

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Why Should You Buy a 24-inch Monitor?

A 24-inch monitor will occupy less space in a room with fewer accessories to fit in and also be a budget-friendly monitor compared to a 27-inch screen. Moreover, if you are a professional gamer, you must go for a 24″ as it will allow you to have a short gap between your eyes and the full-screen view.

However, this monitor variant is unsuitable for games other than FPS, and due to the low resolution, you might have to face problems playing high-end FPS games.

Why Should You Buy a 27-inch Monitor?

When you compare a 24 and a 27-inch monitor, the display quality and image quality of a 27″ monitor with full HD will touch grainy. That means you must look for a 27-inch display with either QHD or 1440P resolution. A 27-inch screen with 1440P resolution has proven to be better than a 24 and 27″ with 1080P resolution.

A 27 monitor display will have a larger screen, so you must sit comfortably from the monitor to have a complete screen view. So if you are not a competitive player, you can buy this monitor variant because in a 27″, you have to look at the screen more frequently, and still, you won’t be able to have a complete screen view at once. Due to screen size and image quality it can be used as a gaming monitor.


The above details are the precise comparison between a 24 vs 27-inch monitor size, which will help you make a better choice. However, the right monitor choice depends on the purpose of buying the monitor. You know that technical gadgets have numerous specs, and you must look into each before purchasing.

If you are buying a monitor that you can use for office work and play games simultaneously, then you can go for a 24″ as it is the best monitor in size and also in terms of budget as compared to a 27-inch monitor. But if you are high on graphics usage on a PC, you must buy a 27″ with a 1440P resolution.

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