If youre wondering Do Monitors Have Speakers – you’re at the right place.

Monitors are an important part of a computer system.

Not only could you see visuals but can also listen to audio.

Now a question arises if the monitors have speakers. Well, yes! Usually, most monitors nowadays have built-in speakers. However, some might not have external speakers. In that case, you might need an external source for audio.

Do Monitors Have Speakers? | Ultimate Guide

Although most monitors come with in-built speakers, they are incapable of producing high-quality sound as compared to speakers or some other additional source.

This blog will help you clear all your doubts regarding in-built speakers in your monitor. Apart from this, You may also check out our recommended buying guides on the best monitor for trading and monitor for Nintendo switch.

Do Monitors Have Speakers? (Guide)

What Are Built-in Speakers In Monitors?

A monitor requires a sound system to play audio files. This can be done through internal speakers or external sources.

The internal speakers incorporated in monitors are known as built-in speakers. Usually, they are of average quality and you might require better sources for producing your desired sound output. Generally, monitors that have built-in speakers fall on the expensive side. In some monitors, built-in are absent.

Monitors have speakers do usually well at homes or small spaces or when there is no large audience. However, in some cases, when you have a larger audience or the area is large, you would require an external source of sound instead of built-in speakers.

No, not all monitors have speakers. Some monitors have in-built speakers while they are generally absent in low-range monitors.

How To Check If Monitor Has In-Built Speakers?

There are three ways to check whether your monitor has a built-in speaker or not. They are listed below.

  1. You can check for a built-in speaker through the manual provided.
  2. You can also check it out directly by checking if your monitor has a speaker grill at the back or not.
  3. You can also check for speakers in monitors by connecting your laptop to the monitor. You can now check if the laptop/PC detects any speaker by playing an audio file.

Usually, every monitor has two built-in speakers on each side.

How To Use Monitors Built-In Speakers?

Monitors are incapable of reproducing sounds by themselves. A device known as a sound card is used for producing sound. Apart from the speakers, ports are also necessary to get audio output.

These ports include DisplayPort, HDMI, and Audio Line-in. The details regarding each of the mentioned ports are provided below.

1. DisplayPort

To play audio using DisplayPort, you would require three things including a laptop/PC, an adaptor, and an audio sync device. Follow the steps given below to play audio using DisplayPort.

  1. Connect one end of the cable to the monitor while the other end to the PC or laptop.
  2. Go to Control Panel. Select Sounds.
  3. Now select Display Audio.
  4. Now click on Okay.

You are all set to enjoy the audio.


2. HDMI Port

You can easily connect your audio source i.e., PC or laptop with the monitor using an HDMI cable. Ensure that you always use a high-quality HDMI cable for making the connection. Follow the next few steps to play the audio.

  1. After properly connecting, click on the volume option.
  2. Now click on Sound properties.
  3. Now choose the appropriate audio source. Make it your default setting. And select Okay.

3. Audio In-Line

Follow the instructions given below to play audio using Audio Line-in.

  1. Connect the monitor to the PC/laptop using a cable.
  2. Now, select the appropriate device in the Audio Settings.


There are several advantages of having monitors have speakers. Some of the advantages which can guide you to buy monitors with speakers have been listed below.

  1. It reduces the additional expenses of buying any external sources of sound, for instance, external speakers.
  2. These speakers save space otherwise they would have been used by external speakers.
  3. Built-in speakers reduce the time and effort of setting up external sources of sound. It gives you a hassle-free experience.


Apart from the advantages, there are several disadvantages of having monitors that incorporate speakers with them. Some of the advantages have been listed below.

  1. Generally, speakers used in monitors are of average quality and they do not provide a good sound output. Hence you might require to spend on buying external speakers for your monitor.
  2. Monitors have speakers that have more bezel width, giving them a bulky look.
  3. If you looking for bass-boosted sound quality, built-in is definitely not worth it. You would require an external soundbar for it.
  4. The stereo sound effect is absent in built-in speakers.
  5. Built-in speakers are a compact solution for providing standard audio quality.

Do Monitors Have SoundCard?

Nowadays, the latest released monitors incorporate built-in speakers in them. However, it is not necessary that they also have a sound card.

Sound cards offer high-quality sound output. You can find sound cards in home theatre sound systems or dedicated speakers.

It must be noted that producing sound on a monitor does not require a sound card. Sound cards are generally used to provide high-quality audio. Sound cards convert digital sound into analog signals, thereby, producing a great sound.


Can I hear sound from my monitor without using external speakers?

Yes, many monitors come with monitor speakers, allowing you to hear sound directly from the monitor.

How can I connect external speakers to my monitor?

To connect external speakers to your monitor, you can use the audio output jack or the audio connection port on your monitor. Simply plug in the audio cable from your speakers to the corresponding port on the monitor.

Do all monitors with speakers provide good sound quality?

The sound quality of monitor speakers can vary. While some monitors offer decent sound, others may have flat or less impressive sound output. If you prioritize good sound quality, it’s recommended to purchase external speakers or a separate audio system.

Can I use my monitor’s speakers to play music, watch movies, or play games?

Yes, you can use the monitor’s speakers to play music, watch movies, or play games. Most monitors support audio playback, allowing you to enjoy sound without the need for additional devices or speakers.


Monitors usually do have built-in speakers. However, the sound output is not of such high quality. These speakers are fine for general sound. However, for better sound quality an external speaker is a must.

We hope that you find this guide helpful in clearing all your doubts and confusion about whether monitors have speakers or not.

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