Welcome to our guide on 9 Screen Issues You Encounter on Laptops and how to fix them.

Many of us choose laptops instead of desktops because they are handy and convenient.

The factor behind this choice is the mobility of the system. Laptops are easy to carry and manage compared to computers.

However, the same fact makes the laptop a single-unit item.

There are several issues one faces while using such devices.

Out of many laptop issues, dealing with screen problems often feels worst.

Where a desktop’s screen is replaced separately, a laptop screen needs special professional care at the time of repair.

Some common screen issues add to the annoyance of users.

Screen Issues You Encounter on Laptops | Detailed Guide

Listed below are the possible laptop screen problems and the easy ways to fix them.

Display Screen

A blank screen is one of the common screen issues. There are possible reasons that may lead to this problem, and it is easy to get them resolved.

Sometimes a laptop takes a little longer to start to wait patiently in this scenario for a few minutes to confirm if there is an issue with your laptop screen.

Once confirmed, identifying the reason behind it could be hardware issues such as broken LED, etc.

Lines or Dots on Screen

Another one of the screen issues on laptops is If your laptop has lines and dots on your screen, try to press it with little force to check if it’s due to a dent.

The problem could also arise due to wedged pixels.

Applying pressure will free the pixels, and lines will vanish from the screen.

But to remove dots, you can only replace your screen.

It can be dealt with ease as it doesn’t hit you on productivity.

Flickering Screen

Screen flickering is a common issue that appears all of a sudden due to an incompatible application installed on your device.

If you are wondering why it’s flickering, then the problem might be related to outdated drivers.

You will need to check whether it is due to a driver or an app and upgrade or reinstall the driver or app to get it fixed.

Dimmed Screen

9 Screen Issues You Encounter on Laptops 1

Check the brightness of your device to confirm if there’s a fault behind your experience.

If it is on default settings and you are still facing any issue with the dim screen, reboot your system and check it is back to normal.

If it still doesn’t function properly, this could be a hardware issue that can be taken care of by a specialist.

Frozen Screen

It may happen while working on something important on a specific deadline and create frustrations for you.

The best way to fix this is when the screen is not responding, and your cursor is stuck to turn off the laptop and give it a restart.

Wait patiently for the device to turn on and let the device cool down from the heating issue or over-usage.

Font-Specific Issue

Texts or icons may appear too large, small, overlapped, or blurry. It can be resolved just by changing the screen resolution of your device as per your preferences.

The display driver will help you manage your screen well; the size of graphics and fonts can also be adjusted.

Distorted Screen

Most screen issues happen due to a GPU issue with your laptop screen- faded color, unorganized layout, and distorted screen are one of them.

There’s not much you can do, and the problem may take professional hands, or you may need to buy an external screen.

You should take your laptop to a nearby center and get it fixed on your end.

Digital Effects

You may find it hard to see and read on your screen. It happens due to faulty graphics cards, loose wires, internet issues, and pixels of the image. Check the possibilities one by one.

You can buy a new graphic card or reconnect the laptop’s external devices to fix this issue, depending upon the reason for distortion.

Touch Screen Problem

9 Screen Issues You Encounter on Laptops2

This can be super annoying if the touch stops working and leads to interruption while using your device.

This may result in slow processing delays and other functioning challenges.

To get it resolved, make sure the screen is clean and it’s not the reason for the sloppiness on the screen.

Restarting your laptop and updating the touchscreen driver will help. Also, check the screen settings to ensure the root cause of the issue and resolve it.


What are some common issues that users encounter with laptop screens?

Users often face a variety of common laptop screen problems, such as blank displays, fuzzy or cracked screens, incorrect colors or brightness levels, and images that are not showing correctly.

How can I troubleshoot display issues on my laptop?

When facing display issues, the first thing to do is to check the display settings on your laptop and ensure they are correctly adjusted. You can also try connecting an external screen to eliminate any potential software-related problems. If the issue persists, it may be caused by hardware failure, requiring professional repairs or screen replacement.

Why is my laptop screen not turning on when I press the power button?

If your laptop’s LCD screen does not turn on when you press the power button, there could be several reasons. It may be a problem with the power cable or battery, a faulty motherboard, or even a hardware failure. In such cases, it is recommended to contact the laptop manufacturer or a professional repair service to diagnose and solve the issue.

What should I do if my laptop screen shows a blank display after a hard reset?

If your laptop screen remains blank even after performing a hard reset, it could indicate a more serious issue. It is advisable to check if the backlight lamp or inverter board is faulty, as they can affect the display. If you are unsure how to proceed, it’s best to seek professional assistance to avoid further damage or data loss.

Is it possible to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it?

Unfortunately, a cracked laptop screen usually requires replacement rather than repair. Cracks can affect the display’s functionality and worsen over time. While there are temporary solutions like applying screen protectors or tape, they do not provide a permanent fix. It is recommended to contact the laptop manufacturer or an authorized repair store to get a proper screen replacement.


The world is mostly reliant on the Internet and gadgets, and we can’t imagine our work done without digital.

Technical glitches with the laptop screen can halt your performance and productivity in many ways.

The above-listed tips and tricks for screen issues you encounter on laptops will certainly enable you to deal with such situations.

You have techniques handy to fix some of the most common problems that one can face due to laptop screen issues.

Hope these workaround tips will help you to get through minor difficulties while working on a project or using your laptop, even for recreational activities.

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