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Dell S2417DG Summary

Dell S2417DG Is A gaming Monitor That Comes With Wide Quad HD Display Along With 144hz Refresh Rates. S2417DG Is a Good Gaming Monitor that can run high-end games with and delivers great picture quality for the best experience. With NVIDIA G-Sync technology, S2417DG eliminates the screen tearing and frame drops completely and gives you mind-blowing experience.

The Dell S2417DG monitor comes with a 1440p 2K TN Panel display. But Is this monitor really justify its price in the year 2023?

It has some cool features that are useful for gamers. Hence here is a dedicated Dell S2417DG Review in which we will talk more about its pros and cons so that we can decide should we need to buy this or not?

The monitor comes under the category of 4k gaming monitor because it supports 144hz refresh rate and even supports NVIDIA G-Sync technology which makes this monitor gamer-friendly.

2417DG monitor has a TN panel display with Wide Quad HD resolution that gives more detailed picture quality while playing games.

Dell S2417DG Review

It is a premium monitor that comes under the price range of $500 and most gamers prefer to buy it. People who need an ideal monitor don’t need to invest this much amount of money to buy a monitor.

If you are really serious about your gaming and you love to play games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike then this monitor can be a good option for you.

But, Before buying it. Make sure that you go through this article so that you can figure out that is this monitor really justify its price.

Dell S2417DG Review

Design Overview:

Dell gaming S2417DG is a budget monitor that has a very slim design. It has three sides bezel-less display which gives it a more premium look and it can be used for double or triple screen monitor setup.

Also, it has a grey color stand that provides tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments. It has Dell Branding on the bottom.


  • Quad-HD display
  • Very responsive
  • Useful game presets
  • Highly adjustable
  • Stiff navigation buttons


However, this monitor comes with 24 Inches WQHD TN Panel display with 350 cd/m2 peak brightness, 16:9 Aspect ratio, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and with 2560 x 1440 pixels for better image quality than any other normal monitor. Furthermore, the build quality of the monitor is on high end which provide long lifespan.

Also, it comes with 144hz refresh rates with NVIDIA GSync technology that helps your graphic cards to render games much faster to get much smoother gaming experience.

You can always overclock Dell S2417DG 165hz for the ultra-smooth gaming experience. You can call it the most beautiful modal of the budgeted series.

Dell S2417DG Review: Best Budget Friendly Gaming Monitor?

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For smoother connectivity, the S2417DG monitor comes with one display port and one HDMI port for the main input. Also, it has one USB ports with Audio input and output ports and a headphone jack. It also comes with a DisplayPort cable.

And there are two variants are available in this model. One comes with 24 inches display monitor size and the second one comes with 27 inches display and the rest of the same specifications.

Here are the complete specifications of this S2417DG monitor –

Dell S2417DG Specifications
Display Size24 Inches Size & 27 Inches Size.
ResolutionQHD Wide 1440p
Refresh Rate144hz. Can Be Overclocked to 165hz
Response Rate1ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
Ports AvailableDisplay Port & HDMI Port
Other SpecificationsNVIDIA G-Sync


Dell S2417DG monitor supports up to 165hz refresh rate along with a very fast 1ms response rate and hence this monitor is capable of delivering the best gaming performance. We tested with games like Pubg, Fortnite & Counter-Strike, and the way this monitor handles the motion blur is really outstanding.

We have seen almost zero frame drops while running the games at the highest settings. Our gaming experience was very fluid and smooth in this monitor, the gaming performance of the monitor is beyond our expectations. There is some little screen tearing but after enabling the G-Sync feature, it completely eliminated that issue.

Talking about the picture quality then it has a TN Panel display with WQHD high resolution and gives very clear image quality in light and dark shades. Shadows’ details are outstanding in this monitor.

Overall the color accuracy is also very good and you will get realistic images.

Dell S2417DG Review Really Worth It?

There is no doubt that this is really a good gaming monitor.

This monitor justifies its price and really worth it to buy. But if you don’t have that budget then you can always checkout cheap 144hz refresh rate monitors that are really good alternatives for this monitor.

But, the Dell S2417DG monitor’s display and gaming experience are very outstanding and it is our editor’s choice for mid-range gaming dell monitors.


the Dell S2417DG monitor proves to be a worthy investment for gamers. With its impressive specifications, including a 1440p 2K TN panel, 144Hz refresh rate, and NVIDIA G-Sync technology, this monitor delivers excellent performance and responsiveness. The sleek design, adjustable settings, and low input lag enhance the overall gaming experience. While it falls within the premium price range, it justifies its cost with its outstanding display quality and smooth gaming performance. The Dell S2417DG is our editor’s choice for mid-range gaming monitors, offering an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

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