Are you looking for a detailed guide on How To Calibrate Monitor Correctly? you’re at the right spot.

If your monitor does not show the correct colors, then there are higher chances that your monitor does not have the proper calibration settings.

To get the best output from your monitor, it is necessary to calibrate it first. If you are a primary computer user, it won’t affect you very much, but if you are a professional who works with photoshops or video editing, it will affect your work.

Calibrating your monitor allows you to get the best color output and more accuracy. Also, calibrating your monitor takes a few minutes and simple to do.

In this monitor guide, we’ll tell you how to calibrate your monitor or your PC laptop screen in the right way and how to optimize monitor settings to get the most accurate colors.

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How To Calibrate Monitor

Calibrate Monitor: Things You Need to Know

Before you are going to start the calibration process, there are few things that you need to consider. So make sure that you check them as well.

  1. Make sure that you turn on your monitor at least 30 minutes before calibrating your monitor. As it will warm up your screen and you will see the actual colors and temperature.
  2. Make sure that your monitor is set to its default resolutions.
  3. Make sure that you calibrate your monitor at the place where you sit and do your work.

How to Calibrate Monitor For Best Colors?

All the windows and macOS come with pre-build color calibration tools to play with various color settings and contrasts to get the best output.

Here is the complete step-by-step process to calibrate your monitor on windows.

  • First of all, Open your Windows Settings. ( To open the windows setting, you can press the Windows Key +I key. )
  • Now, Go to the Display tab.

How To Calibrate Monitor: Complete Guide 2022

  • Here, click on the “advance display settings” tab.

How To Calibrate Monitor: Complete Guide 2022

  • Now, Choose “color calibration…
  • Click “next” to start the process.
  • Now, the color wizard will be open, and it will tell you some basic things related to color calibration, So make sure you read them, and after that, click on “next…”
  • Now, Adjust the gramma color according to your eyes by moving the slider up and down until the small dots are barely visible. Then click next.

How To Calibrate Monitor: Complete Guide 2022

  • Next, Adjust the brightness as mentioned and click on next.

How To Calibrate Monitor: Complete Guide 2022

  • Next, adjust the contrast settings which suit best to your eyes and then click next.
  • Now, adjust the RED, GREEN, BLUE colors by slider till the picture that appears on the screens looks best.
  • Next, click on “the previous calibration” to compare the changes you have done. If you like the changes then click on “Finish” and save the settings.

How To Calibrate Monitor: Complete Guide 2022

Just in case, if you are not happy with your calibration, then you can cancel the changes and restart the calibration, Or you can reset the setting to its default one.

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How To Calibrate Monitor Correctly – Conclusion

A monitor is an important part of any computer system, and it’s necessary to calibrate it correctly in order to get the best possible viewing experience.

There are a few different ways to calibrate a monitor, but the most common is to go through our detailed guide.

This is the tutorial based on windows laptops which helps you to calibrate your laptop screen or monitor.

There are some paid and online tools are also available that help you to calibrate the screen but the windows color calibration tool is more than enough to do that.

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